The Homewood Campus Parking Office managesĀ a variety of garages, lots, and metered parking on campus and in the Charles Village area. Our parking services provide secure and accessible parking options throughout our Homewood campus, ensuring that you have a convenient place to park your vehicle. We have implemented parking management systems to streamline the parking process and make it easier for you to find available spaces.

Accessible Parking

Transportation Services issues special permanent and temporary parking permits to faculty, staff, and eligible students who require accessible parking.

Parking Passes & Permits

Request Parking Permit

This form is used to apply for a Johns Hopkins University parking permit or update your information.

Make a Payment

This form is used to make an additional online credit card payment for your parking permit or to pay a citation by credit card.

Cancel Parking Permit

This form is used to cancel your current parking permit.

Appeal Parking Citation

Use this form to appeal a parking citation within seven days of issuance.

Parking Resources

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Locations and Rates
  • Parking Lot Rentals
  • Parking Vouchers
  • Rules and Regulations