Transportation Services issues special permanent and temporary parking permits to faculty, staff, and eligible students who require accessible parking. Accessible parking locations are noted on the Homewood campus accessibility map.

Long-term Accessible Parking

Members of the campus community who need long-term accessible parking (longer than four weeks) must submit one of the following to the parking office in person or via email, fax, or US mail:

  • State of Maryland vehicle registration showing handicap license plates issued in the applicant’s name OR
  • A completed copy of Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration form VR-210 and a copy of the actual state-issued handicap hangtag

Permanent disability permits will be issued through the expiration date of the state-issued hangtag.

Short-term Accessible Parking

Members of the campus community who need short-term accessible parking (four weeks or less) must submit formal documentation of their injury or disability, signed by their physician, to Occupational Health Services (OHS). OHS will coordinate with the parking office to provide the appropriate permit once all documentation has been submitted. Permit holders must submit new documentation to OHS if they still require accessible parking when the original permit expires.

Permits may be revoked prior to expiration if the permit holder is found to have obtained the permit through misrepresentation, is willfully and improperly using the permit, or otherwise abusing the accessible parking privilege. Permit holders may also be subject to fines as stated in the Homewood campus parking rules and regulations.