Asset Management

Our experienced and dedicated asset management team works diligently to maximize the value and performance of Johns Hopkins’ real estate holdings. We develop and implement a comprehensive approach to operations, building systems, strategic planning, financial reporting, technology, sustainability, and risk management. By leveraging industry expertise and innovative approaches, we aim to enhance our real estate portfolio’s long-term viability and business plan.

Owned Properties

The Johns Hopkins’ owned properties consist of commercial real estate, multi-family units, a hotel, and a conference center across the Baltimore metro region and in the District of Columbia.

Examples of owned properties within the JHU and JHHS portfolios include:

  • Bayview Campus, Baltimore, MD
  • Eastern Campus, Baltimore, MD
  • Keswick Campus, Baltimore, MD
  • Mt. Washington Campus, Baltimore, MD
  • 550 Bldg., Baltimore, MD
  • 1830 Bldg., Baltimore, MD
  • 2701 Bldg., Baltimore, MD
  • Charles Village Apt. Portfolio, Baltimore, MD
  • 555 Penn, Washington DC
  • 565 Penn, Washington DC


If you have any questions or concerns or would like to inquire about Johns Hopkins’ owned properties, please email the Director of Asset Management, Ross Fischer, at