Project Description

Designed by world-renowned architecture firm Renzo Piano Building Workshop, the SNF Agora’s new building will pay homage to the ancient Athenian agora by creating a space for civic engagement and informed, inclusive dialogue in the modern era. Two “floating” glass cubes, set within a verdant landscape, will create transparency between the activity inside the building and the broader world outside. One side of the building will support the scholarly work of the institute and multiple Krieger School centers and departments from overlapping disciplines’ scholarly work, housing faculty offices, labs, classrooms, meeting and seminar rooms, and co-working spaces. The other will be a gathering place with several agora-like spaces for conferences, speaker presentations, art exhibitions, and other events. The new building will be located directly next to the Wyman Park Building on the Homewood campus and will serve as a portal for the community to connect with the institute. It will be LEED certified and landscaped to reflect the natural environment of the mid-Atlantic region.

Project Schedule

Demo/Construction Begins Summer 2021
Design Completion Fall 2021
Site Work Fall 2021
Construction Begins Winter 2021
Building Opens 2024

Project Team

Amy Argasinski, senior project manager
Kate Dydak, senior project manager

Project Logistics

Traffic/Pedestrian Closures & Detours:

  • Pedestrian traffic will be routed around the site – Early Learning Center side and campus side
  • Construction traffic will be Wyman Park Dr. via Sisson St./29th St./I-83
  • Construction workers will park at Johns Hopkins at Eastern on 33rd St. and will be shuttled to the job site daily

Construction Camera

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