Current Alerts & Outages

Active notices related to any disruptions to campus operations due to maintenance, construction, or transportation activities.
  • Transportation Services

    Manages the transportation options for the University’s Homewood campus, including shuttle services and parking facilities.

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  • Facility Operations

    Oversees the maintenance and repair of the University’s Homewood campus’ facilities.

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  • Capital Projects & Planning

    Oversees the development and execution of construction projects and renovations across the University’s campuses.

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  • Real Estate & Property Management

    Manages the University’s diverse portfolio of properties. 

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  • Office of Sustainability

    Johns Hopkins University is committed to advancing a culture of sustainability through learning, research, engagement, and institutional commitments.

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Our Projects

Hopkins Student Center

The Hopkins Student Center is designed to be an open, modern, accessible, welcoming facility envisioned as a social engagement hub for all members of the Hopkins community.

The SNF Agora Building

The SNF Agora building will create a space for civic engagement and informed, inclusive dialogue in the modern era. It will serve as a portal for the community to connect with the Institute.

Milton S. Eisenhower Library Modernization

The Milton S. Eisenhower Library modernization will be a major renovation of the 1960s-era library on the Homewood campus. It will provide a contemporary hub for 21st century scholarly activity.

SNF Agora Building